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About us

Manna FM is the new community radio of the Budapest region on FM frequency 98.6 MHz, which aims to provide high-quality entertainment, awareness-raising, contribution to your spiritual, mental and physical health, publicity for local and thematic community activities, and for high-quality, alternative, value-adding Hungarian music.


Manna FM through the promotion of the so-called ‘internal’ values offers an approach the effect of which has been proven by a series of scientific research. The world’s leading happiness-researchers have found significant correlations between the endorsed values and the physical and mental health indicators of a given society.

Those endorsing an approach to life that predominantly focuses on external values (consumption, wealth, branding, status, popularity, reputation) have evidently worse health indicators: they live less, are more depressed, have headaches more often, are less satisfied and less happy. In contrast, those who endorse inner values (personal growth, close relationship with family members and friends, desire and action to make the world a better place) perform significantly better in terms of indicators, everywhere in the world. Thus, psychologically, it can be clearly demonstrated that “money does not make you happy” and “it is better to give than to receive”.


Unfortunately, in our country (as well) the typical approach to life is to focus more on external values, which causes enormous social and environmental damage. Through the creative and relevant communication of the importance of nurturing one’s human relationships and investment in social engagements, and by demonstrating proven models, Manna FM undertakes a unique mission among the radio stations operating on the target market, and therefore it shall have a significantly positive impact.


Manna FM strengthens communities – both of family and of friends – which directly contribute to the happiness of society, to the prevention of psychological and psychosomatic diseases and addictions, and which serve as a supportive environment for many. Manna’s shows dealing with psychology, self-development and spirituality provide concrete help for those in a disadvantaged situation or crisis, and may also have a preventive effect.

Manna Management

We tune you in to joy! Our mission is to broadcast positivity and harmony, to entertain and inspire through songs and words. That is why we are working with such experienced professionals and young talents who can not only represent the Manna brand with their skills, but also have a personality, an attitude that fits well to our mission. Our community radio puts great emphasis on recognition along with talent management, because we truly believe that people have the need to receive and give kindness. In terms of music, the radio plays songs from the ‘60s to the present day. We air not only big hits, but also music that is significant from a certain perspective and produces real value.

Mónika Bali

Program Director

She has been working in the field of communication for almost 20 years. She began her media career as a foreign politics editor and reporter at Hungarian Television News, then she worked at the evening show called “Az Este” and at the Foreign Politics Department. She worked at Budapest Radio, Klub Radio and Radio Café. She also taught the profession at Komlósi Educational Studio, as the Educational Director. She worked in PR and marketing at Pince Művek, and in PR and event management at Milton Friedman University. Her most important assignments include the three-day Hope Festival with 36,000 people, where she worked as Communications Director, and the John Maxwell Leadership and Business Conference, of which she was the Media Affairs Director. She studied at the MA program of Milton Friedman University, specializing in diplomacy.